ThursdayAug 26, 2021 10:01 am

AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: ANPC) Names CEO of AnPac Bio U.S. to Drive Adoption of Early Cancer Detection Technology

Early cancer detection technology innovator AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd. has been awarded 142 patents with 95 patents pending as part of its bid to revolutionize cancer screening protocols AnPac Bio’s proprietary technology screens for a variety of biophysical properties and analyzes the results to establish risk factors for tumor development before tumor cells begin circulating in the bloodstream AnPac Bio’s technology can be combined with the more extant tumor cell-detection technology to boost the screening’s effectiveness The international company, with operations in the US and China recently named an accomplished bio-medical executive, Dr. Sunil Pandit, as the CEO of…

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MondayAug 23, 2021 10:11 am

Infobird Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: IFBD) Boosts B2B Services with Launch of WeChat Call Center for Customer Development, Retention

China-based information technology company Infobird recently launched a WeChat call center designed to incorporate WeChat’s multi-channel functionality with Infobird’s SaaS platform for recruiting and retaining customers Infobird’s platform uses big data and AI to create “portraits” of consumers’ expectations and needs by analyzing input from multiple channels WeChat became the world's largest standalone mobile app in 2018 with over 1 billion monthly active users of its messaging, social media and mobile payment services Infobird’s cloud computing and AI technologies have generated more than 70 proprietary licensing rights The growth of China’s robust economic engine and the rapid modern development of…

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FridayAug 20, 2021 9:30 am

FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR), A 2021 Investor Relations Outlook

FingerMotion has maintained consistency in managing and communicating information to the public and investors throughout 2021 So far, it has held announcements covering its qualification to trade on the OTCQX Best Market, financial results updates, collaborations with other companies, and any upcoming conferences In line with maintaining this momentum, the company is set to host a corporate update call on August 25, 2021 The event, which is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, will cover the company’s latest quarterly financial results, plans for an upcoming annual stockholders meeting, and the company’s application to have its shares listed on the Nasdaq…

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TuesdayAug 17, 2021 9:00 am

AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: ANPC) Announces New Cooperative and Partnership Agreements, and further Strengthens Board of Directors

Cooperation and partnership discussions: AnPac Bio has reported major corporations in the medical industry include Roche Pharmaceuticals China and Advanced Life Therapeutics Co., Ltd AnPac Bio holds 40% minority equity in Advanced Life Therapeutics, performing contract R&D on integrated circuit-based components for cancer treatment medical devices AnPac Bio’s board now includes Mr. Chao Feng who has global fortune 500 Companies’ managerial experience as independent director effective July 19, 2021 AnPac Bio-Medical Science (NASDAQ: ANPC), an innovative thought leader and biotechnology company focused on early screening and cancer detection by developing, distributing, and deploying accessible early disease detection devices, announced a…

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ThursdayAug 12, 2021 9:00 am

FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR) Schedules a Corporate Update Call for August 25 Against the Backdrop of Recent Positive Announcements

FingerMotion is planning to host a corporate update call on August 25 at 1 pm Eastern Time As part of the call, FNGR CEO Martin Shen is expected to cover recent developments, including the quarterly financial results, application to uplist to the NASDAQ, and plans for an upcoming annual meeting of shareholders A question-and-answer session is scheduled at the end of the call FingerMotion (OTCQX: FNGR), an evolving technology company with core competency in mobile payment solutions in China, as well as SMS/MMS, will be hosting a corporate update call scheduled for August 25, 2021, at 1 pm Eastern Time.…

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FridayAug 06, 2021 9:00 am

AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: ANPC) Announces Testing Volume Increase for First Half of 2021

Total number of paid tests and paid cancer tests increased significantly in Q2 over Q1 The company’s approach to multi-cancer screening is called Cancer Differentiation Analysis (“CDA”) that is powered by a database of over 200,000 samples and cases, changing the way to approach disease and cancer screenings The global cancer diagnostics market size is expected to reach $249.6 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period AnPac Bio-Medical Science (NASDAQ: ANPC), a biotechnology company focused on early cancer screening, detection, and cancer treatment, announced that it experienced strong growth in test volume in the…

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ThursdayAug 05, 2021 1:40 pm

FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR) Applies for NASDAQ Uplisting

FingerMotion recently announced it has submitted an application to be uplisted to NASDAQ The company believes listing its shares of common stock on the Nasdaq Capital Market, which is subject to approval and fulfillment of applicable requirements, will improve liquidity, increase its corporate visibility, and enhance shareholder value FingerMotion’s first upgrade came in February 2019, when it announced it had been uplisted and approved to trade on the OTCQB Venture Marketplace In January 2021, the company was again uplisted to the OTCQX, where it currently trades and will continue trading until its application to join the NASDAQ is approved FingerMotion…

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MondayAug 02, 2021 9:30 am

AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: ANPC) Is ‘One to Watch’

AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd. is a biotechnology company focused on early cancer screening and detection The company aims to develop, distribute and deploy its Cancer Differentiation Analysis (“CDA”) technology to change the way people approach cancer screening CDA is powered by a database of over 200,000 samples and cases, providing a new way to approach disease and cancer screening The company’s management team comprises professionals in both the United States and China who are knowledgeable and well educated in cancer screening and detection The global cancer diagnostics market is expected to reach $249.6 billion by 2026 AnPac Bio-Medical Science…

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FridayJul 30, 2021 9:40 am

FingerMotion Inc.’s (FNGR) SMS & MMS, Telecommunications Products & Services, and Big Data Businesses Continue To Soar

FingerMotion’s SMS & MMS, TPS, and Big Data divisions generated $6.00 million in revenue for Q1 2022 The SMS & MMS and TPS businesses’ Q1 2022 revenues increased significantly compared to Q1 2021 figures Q1 2022 also marked the second consecutive quarter in which the big data division generated revenue, and a Q/Q increase at that FingerMotion is also targeting the accretive rich communications services (“RCS”) segment, with RCS expected to form its fourth division On July 15, evolving technology company FingerMotion (OTCQX: FNGR) released its Q1 2022 results in which it reported record quarterly revenue of $6.00 million, generated…

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MondayJul 26, 2021 9:30 am

Infobird Co., Ltd’s (NASDAQ: IFBD) Successful Launch of Intelligent SaaS For A Leading Fintech Increases Presence In Financial Industry

Infobird successfully launches Intelligent Quality Inspection SaaS for a leading fintech company Infobird's Intelligent Quality Inspection system will enhance the fintech company’s management and customer service capabilities Infobird researched and analyzed the customer service business scenarios of its client, and built a flexible multi-dimensional quality inspection model Infobird (NASDAQ: IFBD) Software is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company, providing AI-enabled end-to-end (“B2B”) customer engagement solutions in China, mainly for the finance segment. A premier provider of customer engagement software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) solutions in China, the company announced the successful implementation of its Intelligent Quality Inspection SaaS with one of the leading Fintech companies…

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