TuesdayAug 24, 2021 12:54 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR) to Host Corporate Update Call

FingerMotion (OTCQX: FNGR), a mobile data and services company, today announced details for its upcoming conference call to provide a corporate update. The call is scheduled to take place starting at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S. and Canada) on Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021, with a recording released shortly thereafter. Interested parties should visit https://ibn.fm/cSxUE to join the webinar, as well as submit questions to [email protected] to post queries for the Q&A session. To view the full press release, visit https://ibn.fm/PmWI4 About FingerMotion Inc. FingerMotion is an evolving technology company with a core competency in mobile payment and recharge platform solutions…

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MondayAug 16, 2021 1:55 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – Infobird Software Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: IFBD) Announces New WeChat Call Center Designed to Capture New Demand, Market Share

Infobird (NASDAQ: IFBD), a software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) provider of innovative AI-powered, or artificial intelligence-enabled, customer engagement solutions in China, has unveiled its newest intelligent SaaS product, a WeChat Call Center. This new product marks Infobird’s entry into the private domain traffic space. The new call center is designed to be an integral part Infobird’s standardized SaaS strategy and will assist companies in further developing the value of existing customers through automated and personalized solutions for private domain traffic. Most companies consider private domain traffic as private assets that can be used to stay relevant in the mind of customer, encouraging return…

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FridayAug 13, 2021 1:11 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – Infobird Software Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: IFBD) Capitalizing on Strides, Riding Ongoing AI Wave

Infobird (NASDAQ: IFBD), a business-to-business (“B2B”) artificial intelligence (“AI”) solutions company, fully understands the value and potential of AI and has also made incredible strides in its natural language processing technology and understanding of the market. “It plans on capitalizing on these strides and the ongoing AI wave to differentiate itself from its competitors and offer value to its clients,” reads a recent article. “Infobird is currently at the forefront of pushing for intelligent quality inspection. In addition to these technologies, the company is committed to customizing exclusive models for particular fields to maximize the recognition effect, thereby proving more…

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TuesdayAug 10, 2021 1:33 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR) to Host Corporate Update Call

FingerMotion (OTCQX: FNGR), a mobile data and services company, today announced that it will be hosting a corporate update call planned to take place at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Aug. 25, 2021. FingerMotion CEO Martin Shen will provide the update and cover subjects such as the latest quarterly financial results, the company's application to have its shares listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market, for which there is no assurance of approval for listing, as well as plans for an upcoming annual meeting of stockholders. A question-and-answer period will follow the call with details provided at a later date. To…

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ThursdayAug 05, 2021 1:56 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – AnPac Bio-Medical Science Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: ANPC) Enters Strategic Collaboration to Explore Innovative Products and Medical Solutions

AnPac Bio (NASDAQ: ANPC), a biotechnology company with operations in China and the United States, today announced its entry into a cooperation agreement with Roche Pharmaceuticals China (“Roche”) to leverage both parties’ advantages and sources to explore novel health care and medical solutions and collaboration models in early cancer screening, early diagnosis and early treatment. According to the update, AnPac Bio and Roche will jointly explore personalized product lines and solutions and will target the general population for early cancer screening, hospital diagnosis, and precision medicine through therapy selection testing. The synergistic collaboration plans to form a competitive package of…

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TuesdayAug 03, 2021 3:44 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – Infobird Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: IFBD) Enters Client Collaboration with Leading Global Retail Brand

Infobird (NASDAQ: IFBD), a software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) provider of artificial intelligence (“AI”) powered or enabled customer engagement solutions in China, today announced its entry into a service contract with a subsidiary of a globally well-recognized Fortune 500 retail and consumer product company. According to the update, the new client is a renowned leader in retail and consumer products, with operations in more than 80 countries around the world. Under the contract, the client will leverage Infobird's intelligent quality inspection to comprehensively upgrade its customer service system in China and bring the ultimate consumer experience to users by creating professional, caring and…

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TuesdayAug 03, 2021 10:08 am

ChineseNewsBreaks – FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR) Responds to OTC Market Request, Comments on Recent Promotional Activity

FingerMotion (OTCQX: FNGR), a mobile data and services company, announced that the OTC Markets Group informed the company that it had become aware of promotional activities in the United States regarding shares of FNGR’s common stock. OTC Markets requested FingerMotion comment on the activity. In the announcement, FingerMotion observed that the company was made aware of promotional activity encouraging investors to purchase FNGR stock the same day — July 28, 2021 — that OTC Markets had contacted the company. In response, and on the same day, FingerMotion released a press release regarding its application to have its common stock listed on…

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WednesdayJul 28, 2021 1:21 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – FingerMotion Inc. (FNGR) Announces Application to List Common Stock on Nasdaq Capital Market

FingerMotion (OTCQX: FNGR), a mobile data and services company, has submitted its application to have shares of its common stock listed on Nasdaq Capital Market. The company will now look to receive NASDAQ approval of the move as well as work to satisfy applicable listing, governance and regulatory requirements. During the NASDAQ review process, the company's common stock will continue to trade on the OTCQX using the current symbol FNGR. “Over the past year, we have been working diligently to comply with certain uplisting requirements," said FingerMotion CEO Martin Shen in the press release. "Applying for a NASDAQ listing is…

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ThursdayJul 22, 2021 11:47 am

ChineseNewsBreaks – ISW Holdings Inc. (ISWH) Inks Hosting/Mining Agreement to Launch Phase One Cryptocurrency Mining Operation

ISW Holdings (OTC: ISWH), a global brand management holdings company with commercial operations in telehealth and renewable energy cryptocurrency mining, has finalized an agreement outlining a cryptocurrency mining hosting operation Bitmain Technologies, the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency mining hardware and a leading global cryptocurrency mining firm. The agreement is the beginning of ISWH’s launch of phase one cryptocurrency hosting and mining operation in Georgia. Calling the agreement a “pioneering project” and “milestone,” Bitmain officials noted that the company expects to further expand the project moving forward to support the development of the industry. A recent crackdown on mining activities…

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TuesdayJul 20, 2021 2:02 pm

ChineseNewsBreaks – Infobird Co. Ltd.’s (NASDAQ: IFBD) Successful SaaS Launch Paves Way for Financial Industry Expansion

Infobird (NASDAQ: IFBD), a software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) provider of artificial intelligence (“AI”) powered customer engagement solutions, today announced the successful implementation of its Intelligent Quality Inspection SaaS with one of China’s leading fintech companies. Infobird's solution enabled the fintech client to realize intelligent management and operation of its customer service platform and sets the foundation for further upgrades. Infobird has continuously promoted the implementation of intelligent quality inspection in various industries in recent years, effectively expanding application boundaries. Since launch, Infobird's Intelligent Quality Inspection, a standardized, intelligent SaaS product that can empower clients to better track engagement between customer service or…

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